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Tagliafico Lighting snc - Genova - e-mail: - Tel: +39.010.8301288
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We offer a wide range of models for public lighting to meet the needs of both public and private administrations in contexts such as historic city centers, villages, and estates.

Our range of products provides lighting solutions in the style of past eras, incorporating modern and sustainable technologies to ensure optimal illumination, creating welcoming and secure atmospheres while preserving the aesthetic and architectural heritage of various locales

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Our company offers a wide selection of urban furniture elements.
Urban bollards are a fundamental element for safely and efficiently regulating vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Cast iron fountains, characterized by a classic and durable design, perfectly suited to various urban contexts.
Our range of urban furniture includes everything from waste bins to public clocks, from flower pots to banners, from bollards to bulletin boards for posters, as well as posts, signs, and totems for toponymy and historical signage.


Tagliafico Lighting's commitment to facilitating the transition process towards more efficient and modern technologies.

In response to the increasing demand for upgrades to the latest LED technologies, we provide laser-cut plates designed to fit lanterns produced by various suppliers.
These plates are intended to streamline the upgrading of existing lanterns, allowing for the refitting of units without the need for replacement.


Available in various sizes and high-quality materials, including aluminum and cast iron.
Aluminum casting offers lightweight construction without compromising structural integrity, ensuring resistance to weather elements and longevity.
On the other hand, cast iron is utilized to create larger-sized poles, ideal for contexts where greater strength and durability are required.

We work in the continuity of tradition, with the evolution of design, combining craftsmanship and technology, to produce high-end appliances and artifacts.

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