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The Doge Boccanegra is an artistic armor produced by Tagliafico Lighting, crafted from turned aluminum sheet. The finishing details and internal structure are made of brass casting, suitable for the furnishings of the historical districts in our beautiful locations.


This armor is finished with a passivation pre-treatment in accordance with MIL C-5541 specifications for enhanced corrosion resistance and optimization of paint adhesion.

The GOCCE-shaped screen is made of transparent polymethyl methacrylate acrylic (PMMA), a material known for exceptional transparency and high resistance to ultraviolet and aging.

Equipped with hinges and fastenings that allow for installation and maintenance operations. By releasing them, the diffuser group with its wiring is extracted, providing access to the LED engine compartment.


The DOGE BOCCANEGRA lamps come with 16-diode LED modules with a color temperature of 3000 K and asymmetrical street optics. They are available in suspended fixtures supported by wall brackets or poles, depending on the project requirements. The relamping kit for our DOGE lamps is compatible with Schréder's Albany lamps, allowing for the upgrade of outdated sources to the more modern and efficient LED technology.

Tagliafico Lighting updates and revolutionizes its production by entering the public lighting market, presenting a wide range of renewed products designed specifically to reduce light pollution and save energy. They allow for quick and cost-effective maintenance, boasting complete recyclability of the product.

An ideal solution for maintaining stylish fixtures in historical environments, meeting the requirements of the strictest regulations.

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