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Illuminazione e arredo urbano
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2 - The Firm today

Tagliafico Lighting works in the continuity of tradition, with evolution of design, combining craftsmanship and technologie, to produce high-end appliances and artifacts.

... from quality to excellence ...

Tagliafico Lighting is a young Genoese company operating in the field of Artistic Enlightenment and Urban Arredo, who already has experience in the field, has further specialized in the field of Artistic Lighting and Urban Art, remaining active in the field Of non-ferrous metals, especially in the brass fusion and artwork, distinguishing itself as always for its brass and copper lanterns and iron and melt poles.

Tagliafico Lighting is in Genoa, located on an area of ​​about 2,500 square meters, divided between the two floors of the Rosata production site, where there are also administrative offices, technical and commercial offices.

These are entirely at the disposal of the customers to offer and supply the products, of course, to the designers and municipal technical offices that need to be in support of important design phases, having product technical dossiers, as well as consulting on lighting technology, Photometric reliefs of devices.
The activity of the construction of poles and brackets made of cast aluminum and wrought iron is to be found and composed of elegant antique street lamps for public and private lighting, privileging the finishing and painting, now made by outsiders with processes Application approved by us.

Tagliafico Lighting works carefully all the castings from various foundries, which are used to build candelabra poles and cast aluminum shelves, all casting components for Iron & Fusion poles, urban furnishings and toponomastics poles.

In addition, brass and copper brass machining departments are operating, where machined parts have been machined before and after partner's third parties, then ready to be assembled and wired to form lighting fixtures. Decorated street poles, made with tapered steel stems garnished with aluminum castings and bent tubular bracelets, are also produced directly by partner companies that can best cope and directly assemble, so that today they can distribute a A product definitely built according to current legislation, with CE marking and certification.

Tagliafico Lighting still applies craftsmanship and finishing methods that are now handled by partner companies, such as thermosetting powder coating, brining and bronzing. The quality and the typologies of the various materials used, such as the brass and aluminum fusion, the copper plate and the stainless steel, testify how the company's traditions are maintained in the Tagliafico Lighting products while maintaining the care of the details And the tradition of producing superior quality items.

Tagliafico Lighting has a spacious and well-stocked warehouse where the finished materials are stored, however, making use of external logistics partners that allow us to evade orders in less time, having a network of courier providers for delivery on domestic and foreign markets.
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