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Historic Center, Genoa

Article dated 03/06/2021

As part of the Caruggi Integrated Plan for the regeneration of the historic center, the public lighting upgrade plan has begun, which will see an intervention on about 2,000 lighting fixtures.

The redevelopment started from the area between piazza San Lorenzo, piazza Campetto (via Tommaso Reggio, vico Invrea, vico Carlone, vico Serra, vico del Filo and neighboring areas) and will extend to the entire historic center, at the rate of about 500 light points per month.

In agreement with the Superintendency, lamps and lanterns are installed by the City Green Light retrofit kit of Tagliafico lighting, a Genoese company that deals with LED lighting and street furniture. The kits, consisting of an optical unit for energy efficiency, are equipped with screens and a color temperature of 3000 k: the aesthetics of the lighting bodies remain unchanged, but, thanks to the power supply that can be adjusted to different sizes, the power can be modulated. as needed.

"By October, the public lighting of the historic center will be enhanced with a revamping of the existing one, in compliance with the provisions of the Superintendency - explains the councilor for the historic center Paola Bordilli - it is the first important step of the actions included in the Caruggi Integrated Plan in lighting of streets, squares, alleys and stairways which will also be followed by more specific interventions dedicated to the enhancement of votive shrines and historic buildings. The new lighting, in addition to placing a particular emphasis on the historical, artistic and architectural heritage of the old city, will contribute to increasing the degree of perceived safety for residents and visitors, thanks also to the regulation of the systems with twilight switches that are activated automatically when it falls. light during the day .

"The contract with Consip, stipulated in 2020 for the energy effientamento - explains the Councilor for Maintenance Pietro Piciocchi - allows us to focus on a redevelopment of public lighting with a saving of resources and a more effective lighting of the city and in those areas, such as the Old Town, where lighting represents an added value that gives value to the urban context and greater decorum for those who live there, work there or want to spend a few hours of leisure .

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